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KBasic For Mac©

BASIC for all

KBasic is a powerful programming language, which is simply intuitive and easy to learn. It is a new programming language, a further BASIC dialect and is related to VB.NET™, Visual Basic© 6, Visual Basic for Application© and Java™. It combines the best features of those tools and comes with built-in backward support for those tools and QBasic© as it is 100% syntax compatible to VB6, VBA and QBasic©.

Additionally, it comes with support for VB.NET™ syntax, functions and similar objects and classes. And last but not least it is an open source project backed by years of continual development.

KBasic is made up of the following programs:
  • an integrated development environment
  • a compiler
  • an interpreter
It is about 15 MB source codes (C++).

It is really easy to develop Mac© applications with well known BASIC syntax in a modern fashion, because KBasic uses the familiar visual design paradigm and has a full implementation of the BASIC language.


Trial Full Version Professional Edition

installer_kbasic_professional_mac.dmg (V1.X based on Cocoa©)
Newest version: Requires at least Mac© OS X 10.5 Leopard and an Intel Mac to be installed.

installer_kbasic_professional_mac_carbon.dmg (V1.X based on Carbon©)
Older version for legacy support.

Create modern applications in zero time

But this is NOT a VB.NET™ or VB6 clone! It is a full featured object-orientated language, which supports the best modern programming techniches known with well designed objects, events and plenty of documentation.

KBasic is an easy-usable, object-oriented, interpreted, stable, platform-independent, fast and modern programming language. More exactly said KBasic is an event-controlled programming language.

Together with KBasic you are able to create modern object oriented applications.

Create modern Aqua interfaces.

Play quicktime movies within your applications.

Use WebKit to build fully featured html-based applications.

Database which are supported are SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ODBC.

Be a game developer.



People around the world join KBasic - inspired by the idea to make software available for everybody: a programming language that is easy to use, and a development platform that is stable, reliable and available at a low price.
We communicate by different means, most of them on the Internet. The forum enables you to stay up-to-date, extend and explore your KBasic experience, find new friends, and have fun in general.

The KBasic community rests on dedicated volunteers to further improve the KBasic programming language and development platform in a number of different ways. Whatever your skills, there are lots of places to start contributing.

Support this project

Where is the fun using KBasic if others do not know?

Order a KBasic Professional License today, and support it! If you like KBasic or if you like what KBasic is doing for the Mac community, please order now.

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