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  Trial Professional Edition

  Windows XP/2000


  Mac OS X (>= 10.2)


Easy and familiar installation: Windows Installer + Mac Installer + Linux Installer

These downloadable files are installer files, which must be executed by you. For Linux: make the installer file executable (right click --> properties).

For a detailed install description. Click here.

Installation on Windows/Mac

succesfully tested on
- WinXP, Win2000: P2400/512MB
- Mac OS X Tiger 10.4
- Windows 95/98/Me is 
   not  supported

Installation on Linux

succesfully tested on
- OpenSuse 10 and
   Mandriva One 2006
   (>=KDE 3.3.0) : P2400/512MB
- Fedora 4, Gentoo 2005,
    KNOPPIX 4, Kubuntu 5,
- Slackware 10, Ubuntu 5,
   Xandros 3, Linspire 5

    should work as well

License Professional Edition


In general both are very equal

- KBasic is 100% syntax compatible (keywords like DIM, IF, SELECT CASE...)

- KBasic's IDE is very similar to VB6
(Form Designer, Syntax Highlighting, Auto Completion, Builtin-Help...)

- KBasic supports many controls, which are very equal to the controls of VB6 (Form, CommandButton, TextBox...)

- KBasic comes with a rich set of objects like VB6 (Application, ...)

- KBasic is able to create standalone applications (EXE, BIN...)

- KBasic is able to use many databases
(in the near future: MySQL, ODBC...)

- KBasic does not support ActiveX now (but in the future)

Getting away from VB6

KBasic supports 100% the syntax of VB6. Additionally, many GUI components are familiar. And it is possible to develop GUI applications with well known BASIC syntax in a modern fashion. So it comes with truly Java-like object orientation and backward support for VB6 and QBasic, as it is 100% syntax compatible. KBasic combines the expressive power of object-oriented languages like C++ with the familiarity and ease of use of VB6. It allows developers with an installed base of VB6 applications to start developing for a mixed Windows, Mac OS X and Linux environment without having to face a steep learning curve: KBasic uses the familiar visual design paradigm and has a full implementation of the BASIC language.

Why KBasic succeeds

Traditionally, BASIC languages have suffered form the attitude that you should abandon everything you know and start from scratch with a new set of concepts and a new syntax, arguing that it is better in the long run to lose all the old baggage that comes with it. This may be true, in the long run. But in the short run, a lot of that baggage was valuable. The most valuable elements may not be the existing code base, but instead the existing mind base. If you are functioning VB6 programmer and must drop everything you know about VB6 in order to adopt a new language, you immediately become much less productive for many months, until your mind fits around the new praradigm. Whereas if you can leverage off of your existing VB6 knowledge and expand on it, you can continue to be productive with what you already know while moving into the world of object-oriented proramming.

As everyone has his or her own mental model of programming, this move is messy enough as it is withouht the added expens of starting with a new language. The problem with learnig a new language is producitvity. No company can afford to suddenly lose a productive software engineer, because he or she is learning a new language. KBasic is very similar to VB6, not a complete new syntax and programming model. It allows you to continue creating useful code, applying the features gradually as you learn and understand them. This may be one of the most important reasons for the success of KBasic. In addition, most of your existing VB6 code is still viable in KBasic.


Why is KBasic a BASIC language alternative compiler for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux? KBasic is extremely well built, is a powerfull programming language and has a complete IDE: a very professional working environment RAD, which is very similar to VB6, a valid alternative to VB6. It has hundres of commands and functions. KBasic can compile Linux or Mac OS X applications from the Windows versions (or the other way around) and is a cross platform Basic programming language. It is currently available for Windows XP/2000, Mac OS X and Linux/i386. It generates stand alone EXE/BIN and has a great IDE to help beginners creating their applications. KBasic language includes a visual designer to build GUI with all the major elements such as windows, forms, menu and data aware controls, such as buttons, labels and frames, textboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, list boxes, check boxes...

The only true official alternative to VB6

The KBasic project started in 2000 as an open source project... KBasic is a professional development tool, cause this language offers all the elements to design and create professional products. KBasic gives a single, easy-to-use API for writing GUI applications on multiple platforms and the application will adopt the look and feel appropriate to that platform.The IDE is really well thinked and is completed with all the tools the programmer needs such as sensitive-to-the-context help .The language structure, the statements and functions are really simple to understand and the documentation is well written and complete.

It comes with a very well done printable manual with more than 140 pages which describe in detail the great number of commands, statements and functions. A powerful and fully featured Basic-like language: It is completely object-oriented and byte-code compiled. The syntax is very similar to VB6 and the language supports common methods and properties. It is a fully object-oriented languages which uses inheritance and polymorphism. The IDE offers also project managment and property editing, syntax highlighting of the source code, code completion, and debugging mode. The IDE provides a source level debugger with breakpoints, and single stepping: step-through code, display values of variables in special windows or by moving the mouse over the variable name in the editor. The main characteristic of KBasic is that it has been created to allow developers with VB6 experience to start programming for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows without having to learn deeply a new language.

Professional Basic Language

KBasic is a high level professional Basic for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, which comes in two versions: Personal and Professional, and its very good Basic language is constantly improved and updated.

If you have any questions: sales@kbasic.com

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